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Of course, we always use first-class ingredients. It is important for us, and hopefully also for you, to think about our environment and future. Therefore, we use only organic ingredients in our products.  The majority of our ingredients have been the COSMOs/IONC certification and our aim is to continuously achieve better results. So we have carefully selected our ingredients to be ethical and sustainable, we partner with carefully selected, conscious growers around the world. It is not enough to mount the finest ingredients, you must also honor them throughout the process. We have control in our production at every stage, from first seed to end product. Today we do not massproducerar our products, but they are manufactured as orders from our dealers and customers come in as much as possible.

Our ingredients make a difference

Most of our ingredients are fair trade and where cultivated, which means that the ingredients support fairness in the work situations and it also supports important projects such as new schools, better health care for the population in the resorts we shop from.

The products are developed and manufactured in 
Sweden, we guarantee high quality, transparency
 in production and reliability.


Sustaniability is at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly working to ensure that our products are not harmful to the environment. We want to support a long-term ecological balance and with our products give back to nature and those who cultivate our ingredients. We constantly work to transform our business, our industry and society. For us there is no contradiction between sustainability and good business.
Always first-class, organic and natural ingredients, 
which have been carefully selected to fit your dog 
without compromising on function.