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The dog’s pads act as shock absorbers to protect your dog’s legs and joints. They also create a barrier between the inner sensitive parts of the dog and dangerous elements such as ice and hot asphalt, and they are important for the dog’s balance and mobility. Our organic and natural paw products help protect, strengthen, build up and soften your dog’s paw pads.  


Apply the paw oil on your dog’s all paw pads
regularly for best results. 
Do not let the dog lick the pads immediately after application so that the oil gets a chance to sink into the pad.

Paw-pin based on 100% organic and herbal ingredients. Hydrating and prevents cracks. A perfect product to have in your pocket for application when needed to help the dog’s paws at the everyday tough work.

Paw paws

The paw pads on your four-legged friend serve several important functions and they need to be protected, they cannot be taken for granted.

They act as shock absorbers to protect your dog’s bones and joints, create a barrier between his feet and dangerous elements such as ice and hot asphalt, and are essential to the balance and mobility. In addition, a dog’s paw pads contain scent and sweat glands that are crucial for marking his territory. Given the significant role they play, it’s important to protect his paw pads from cracking.

Your dog’s paw pads may crack for several reasons, depending on your environment and the type of activity he engages in. Typically, paw cracks are a result of contact irritation, so paw checks after every walk are important. The earlier these injuries are detected, the faster you can help him recover.

In case of small cracks on paw pads, clean with lukewarm water and then apply paw oil for healing, softening and protection. But also for a preventive effect.


Seasonal tips


Winter – For dogs who live in cold climates, ice, snow, and salt can be a huge risk to paw pads. Just like human feet, pads can become too dry or too cold, which leads to cracking. Road salt can then enter these cracks and cause infection or burn the skin. When it comes to prevention, investing in some dog boots or balm, and sticking to unsalted terrain is helpful. Keep the coat between the pads short to reduce the risk of snow and dirt getting stuck. If the dog does not get large snow clumps between the pads, the risk of cold cramps in very cold weather is also reduced.

Summer – Dogs living in warm climates must deal with hot concrete, asphalt, and excessive sweat, which can also damage paw pads. Dog boots can help in these situations too, as can balm. Let him walk on the grass instead of the hot sidewalk whenever possible, and avoid walking him during the hottest, sunniest times of the day.

Cracks on the dog’s footpad can arise from many different reasons. But they need to be taken care of. Choose our hundred percent organic products for the best help for your dog!


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly working to ensure that our products are not harmful to the environment. We want to support a long-term ecological balance and with our products give back to nature and those who cultivate our ingredients. We constantly work to transform our business, our industry and society. For us there is no contradiction between sustainability and good business.