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WAP: Essentials Bundle

51 £

£51 (value: £68) | WAP Essentials is the bundle that every dog owner should have at home. Together, our three best sellers form an unbeatable combination that can both prevent and treat common problems such as dry paws, ear infections, hotspots, eczema and other skin conditions.

WAP:1 Paw Oil – A natural healing and preventative oil, designed as a fast-acting serum. Prevents and treats dry paws but can also be used on the nose.

WAP:5 Zinc ointment – A universal ointment for regular treatment of sensitive and damaged skin in your dog. Eczema, hotspots, insect bites, etc. – the zinc ointment is always ready to act soothingly and therapeutically.

WAP:7 Ear wash 50ml – A natural formula that gently dissolves earwax, relieves itching, and removes dirt from your dog’s ears. It counteracts otitis and can also be used for acute treatment of mites.

Everything in the package is 100% organic, vegan & made in Sweden.

  • Treats and prevents dry paws
  • Prevents ear problems
  • Soothes and treats sensitive skin
  • Prevents dryness and cracks
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WAP: Essentials Bundle