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How to care for your dog's paw pads

The pads of your dog perform several important functions and must be protected. Don't take them for granted.

The function of the paw pads


Their primary function is to act as shock absorbers to protect your dog's bones and joints. They create a barrier between the dog's paws and dangerous elements such as ice and hot asphalt and they are essential for balance and mobility.


In addition, the paw pads contain scent and sweat glands that are crucial for when the dog marks territory. Given the significant role they play, it is important to protect the paw pads from drying out and cracking.

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How do you keep your dog's paw pads healthy?

Did you know that damaged pads can have several underlying causes such as overloading or skewing. Your dog's foot pads can crack depending on the environment and the type of activity they engage in.

Usually, cracks in the tread pads are a result of contact with irritating surfaces and substances. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the paws after each walk. The earlier these injuries are detected, the faster you can help the paws recover.


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In conclusion, while many paw problems in dogs can be managed with simple home remedies and preventive care, it's crucial to recognize when professional veterinary attention is needed. Serious paw issues not only cause discomfort to your dog but can also lead to more significant health problems if left untreated. In these instances, having the best pet insurance policy becomes invaluable. It ensures that your furry friend receives the necessary medical care without putting undue financial strain on you. Opting for insurance that covers visits to the vet for such conditions can provide peace of mind, knowing that your dog's health and well-being are protected. Therefore, choosing the right insurance for your pet is an essential aspect of responsible pet ownership.