The paw pads on your four-legged friend serve several important functions and they need to be protected, they cannot be taken for granted.

They act as shock absorbers to protect your dog’s bones and joints, create a barrier between his feet and dangerous elements such as ice and hot asphalt, and are essential to the balance and mobility. In addition, a dog’s paw pads contain scent and sweat glands that are crucial for marking his territory. Given the significant role they play, it’s important to protect his paw pads from cracking. Did you know that damaged pads can also have several causes. Such as overload or compensation errors. Your dog’s paw pads may crack for several reasons, depending on your environment and the type of activity he engages in. Typically, paw cracks are a result of contact irritation, so paw checks after every walk are important. The earlier these injuries are detected, the faster you can help the paws recover.

WAP: 4 [ PAW PIN ] 

Softening / Protective / Moisturizing
WAP: 4 Paw pin based on 100% organic and natural ingredients. The paw pin protects and nurtures dry pads. Perfect size for the pocket and use for snow and salt.


Moisturizes/ Repairs/ Protects
Gentle and effective oil that helps to moisturize, repair and protect the dog pads. Formulated as an oil as the small particles of the oils quickly penetrate into the ball of the foot and build it from the inside.

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